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Help raise funds to purchase cycles for underprivileged girls


Help Ramesh raise funds for under privileged girls





Ramesh Kasondra

About the Fundraiser


Working in the villages of Vagra Block, we have observed that some communities are marginal based on caste, class and gender. These communities are deprived of rights to equality. They live in the villages isolated from mainstream society. The worst affected are girl children and women as they are culturally oppressed by society. They live hand to mouth situation and have to feed large number of members in their family. Economic poverty does not enable children to attend school. Children are involved in child labour at very young age to meet the ends of families.


The main purpose of the project is to provide transport facility to those 200 girl children, who have passed the 7th standard and there is no higher class school within their own village, to reduce their drop out and support them for higher education in nearby villages which is 3 to 5 km distant.

The cost of one cycle is 4500. Gram vikas trust is looking to raise money to purchase these cycles and your contribution will go a long way in helping our cause


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